• Crystal Reports Scheduler

    Logicity can be installed as a Crystal Report scheduler, allowing you to schedule Crystal Reports to automatically run at regular intervals.
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  • Export Crystal Reports to Excel or PDF

    Logicity can be used to automatically export a Crystal Report to Excel or PDF with a single click.
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  • Email Crystal Reports

    Email your Crystal Reports to multiple users in multiple formats using the Logicity Crystal Reports scheduler or with a single click in the viewer!
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  • Logicity Pro Crystal Report Viewer

    Fully supported Crystal Report viewer for viewing, printing, emailing and exporting. Schedule reports to be emailed automatically. Click below for a full list of features.
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  • Crystal Reports Viewer Download

    View Crystal Reports and even refresh the data without having to purchase the full version. Download our free Crystal Reports viewer today!
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  • Crystal Reports Runtime Variables

    Customize your scheduled reports by setting up runtime variables.
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  • Command Line Variables

    Integrate Logicity with your application by utilizing command-line variable replacements.
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  • Encrypting Crystal Reports

    Protect your work! Encrypt Crystal Reports so that they can be run with Logicity but not opened and edited in Crystal Reports.
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  • Free Crystal Reports Viewer

    Logicity is a free Crystal Reports viewer application designed to run pre-developed Crystal Reports without having to purchase a license of Crystal Reports. View. Print. Email.
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  • Crystal Reports Bursting

    Powerful Crystal Reports bursting! Multiple formats, multiple delivery methods.
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Crystal Reports Viewer & Crystal Reports Scheduler

Crystal Reports Viewer

  • Crystal Reports viewer to view, refresh data, save, and export from SAP Crystal Reports
  • Provide users with a convenient dashboard of available reports
  • Streamline the execution of reports with saved parameters
  • Save database credentials for easy execution



Export Crystal Reports to Excel or PDF

  • Export Crystal Reports to Excel or as PDF with a click from the viewer
  • Send Crystal Reports as HTML Email



Crystal Reports Scheduler

  • Crystal Reports scheduler to automate the processing of reports
  • Email to yourself or groups of users
  • Save Crystal Report instances by scheduling them to save to file systems



Crystal Reports Bursting

  • Crystal Reports bursting to multiple email recipients
  • Crystal Report bursting to PDF, Excel, HTML and more
  • Burst to email, save to file systems, or print



Compliance Features and Administrative Controls

  • Require users to enter passwords before running reports
  • Track user execution of reports by with logging features
  • Lock down various viewer screen tools to control printing and exporting of reports
  • Hide database credentials from users by encryption
  • Encrypt actual Crystal Report files so they can only be run with Logicity



Integrate Crystal Reports

  • Create flexible reports by using runtime variables with VBscript support
  • Integrate with applications using command-line variable replacements



Download Our Free Crystal Report Viewer

  • Download the free version of our Crystal Report viewer
  • Built to run with Crystal Reports 8.5, Crystal Reports 9, Crystal Reports 10, Crystal Reports XI, Crystal Reports 2008 and SAP Crystal Reports 2011