View Crystal Reports with Logicity

View Crystal Reports RPT Files

Logicity allows users to view Crystal Reports one of two ways.  First, Logicity can open RPT files directly by simply double-clicking on the RPT filename.

  1. Double Click an RPT file to open Logicity Desktop.
  2. If the report contains parameters, or if a database login is required, the user will be prompted. 
  3. Logicity Desktop will display the Crystal Report on the screen. 

View Crystal Reports with Logicity Solution Builder

The second way is view Crystal Reports using Logicity is to create a Logicity Solution for the Crystal Report.  The solution file can be set to view the report upon execution.  Click here to learn more about controlling the execution of Crystal Reports with Logicity Solutions.

  1. Open Logicity Solution Builder.
  2. Click the NEW button.  This starts the process of creating a new solution.
  3. Click the ADD ACTION button.  This starts the Logicity Solution Builder Wizard.
  4. Logicity Solution Builder Wizard
    • Display Name Screen - Enter a "Display Name" & click the NEXT button.
    • File Name Screen - Click the BROWSE button and find the Crystal Report you want to run.  Click the NEXT button
    • Database Info Screen - If there is a database login, enter that information.  Click NEXT button to continue.
    • Parameters Screen - If there are parameter on this report, check "Specified" and then select the parameters that you want to automatically entered.  When ready to continue, click the NEXT button.
    • Action Screen - Select VIEW from the drop-down menu.  Uncheck any controls that you do not want to be active on Logicity Desktop.  Click the NEXT button.
    • Logging Screen - If you want to log user activity, check the "Enable Logging" box and complete the rest of the required information.  Click the FINISH button.
    • Click the SAVE button and enter a filename.
  5. Double click the RRD file in order to run the solution and view the report.

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