Schedule, export and email reports like never before.

    Crystal Reports Viewer + Scheduling Software

Logicity is a Crystal Reports viewer and scheduling application with an amazing array of administrative tools and controls for effectively deploying reports throughout your organization!


Crystal reports scheduler

Schedule Reports

Logicity can be installed as a Crystal Report scheduler, allowing you to schedule Crystal Reports to automatically run at regular intervals.


Export Reports

Logicity can be used to automatically export a Crystal Report to Excel (XLS), HTML or PDF with a single click.

Crystal Reports

Email Reports

Logicity can be used to schedule and automatically execute and email Crystal Reports in PDF, Excel, Word or HTML format.


What can you do with Logicity?

View Crystal Reports

Logicity's powerful desktop viewer allows you to open RPT files directly. Double-click any RPT file, respond to the parameter prompts, and view reports with refreshed data.

Easily view, print, or save in multiple formats!

logicity home ss viewer



logicity home ss viewer

Email and Export Reports

Crystal Reports can be exported from the viewer into multiple formats, such as Excel, PDF, Word or HTML.

Email your report to collegues with the exported format as an attachment.



Schedule Your Crystal Reports

Set-up Logicity as a Crystal Reports scheduler on any Windows desktop or server to automatically schedule a Crystal Report to run at regular intervals.

Hourly, daily, every week or every month!

logicity home ss viewer



logicity home ss viewer

Amazing Flexibility with Report Runtime Variables

Runtime variables can be inserted into Logicity Solution files to perform different things based on things evaluated at runtime.

Name a file based on today's date! Or, utilize VBscripts for custom variables.



Control Report Execution with Solution Builder

Set-up "solutions" to specify the pre-defined actions to perform on specific reports. An unlimited number of reports can be defined in a single Solution, with any mix of supported actions you wish to use.

View, email, save, or print!

logicity home ss viewer



logicity home ss viewer

Workspace Mode Simplifies the End User Interface

A convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports. Instead of having separate shortcuts to each available Crystal Report on a user's desktop, a single solution file can be created that includes each available report!

Simple. Clean. Efficient.

Is the free version of Logicity right for you?

Have we sold you on "free" yet? We're excited to have you try out Logicity. Click below to login and download the latest version for free!

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Main Features


View Reports

View Crystal Reports without having to purchase the full SAP Crystal Reports developer version.

Refresh Report Data

View and refresh your Crystal Reports with live data. A single click queries the database and refreshes the report.

Email Reports

Email your Crystal Reports to multiple users in multiple formats using the scheduler or with a single click!

Export Reports

Logicity can export a Crystal Report to Excel, PDF, or HTML format with a single click!

Schedule Reports

Schedule Crystal Reports to automatically run at regular intervals - hourly, daily, every week or every month.

Runtime Variables

Customize your scheduled reports by setting up variables that are executed at runtime.


Integrate Logicity with your application by utilizing command-line variable replacements.

Encrypt Reports

Encrypt Crystal Reports so that they can be run with Logicity but not opened and edited in Crystal Reports.

Report Logging

Track user activity when running reports: date, time, filename, username and computer name.

Hide Credentials

Solution files can be encrypted in order to hide the database login information from end users.

Password Protect

Require your users to enter a valid password before a Crystal Report can be executed.

Viewer Controls

Lock down any screen controls, such as export and print, when viewing a Crystal Report.


Ability to save credntials and perform multiple database authentications per report.

Workspace Mode

Convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports from one simplified user interface.

Report Instances

A simple way to view and save historical snapshots of a report to file system for archiving.

Solution Builder

Extremely powerful tool for developing "solutions" to execute Crystal Reports in specific ways.

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