Please note, effective December 1, 2023, the ability to purchase Logicity licensing has been removed as the product is end of life.

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software is used eery 1.62 seconds every day around the world

Every 1.62 Seconds

A Crystal Report is viewed with Logicity every 1.62 seconds of every day around the world!
Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software was used over 19 miliion times around the world last year

19 Million Times per Year

A Crystal Report is viewed with Logicity over 19 million times per year!
Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software was used in 187 countries last year, as represented by a globe icon

Used in 187 Countries

Logicity was used in 187 different countries last year...over 95% of the world!

What can you do with Logicity?

Crystal Reports Viewer / RPT Viewer

Logicity's powerful desktop application runs as a Crystal Reports viewer, opening RPT files directly. Double-click any RPT file, respond to the parameter prompts, and view reports with refreshed data.

Easily view, print, or save in multiple formats!

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer screenshot of an rpt file in the viewer window



Logicity screenshots for emailing and exporting Crystal Reports to Excel

Email and Export Reports

Export Crystal Reports from the viewer into multiple formats, such as Excel, PDF, Word or HTML.

Email your report to collegues with the exported format as an attachment.



Schedule Your Crystal Reports

Set-up Logicity as a Crystal Reports scheduler on any Windows desktop or server to automatically schedule a Crystal Report to run at regular intervals.

Hourly, daily, every week or every month!

Logicity software screenshot of the Crystal Reports scheduler window with drop-downs



Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software screenshot of the solution builder which allows users to automate Crystal Reports with runtime variables

Amazing Flexibility with Report Runtime Variables

Runtime variables can be inserted into Logicity Solution files to perform different things based on things evaluated at runtime.

Name a file based on today's date! Or, utilize VBscripts for custom variables.



Control Report Execution with Solution Builder

Set-up "solutions" to specify the pre-defined actions to perform on specific reports. You can run an unlimited number of reports in a single Solution, with any mix of supported actions that you wish to use.

View, email, save, or print!

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software screenshot of the Solution Builder



Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer software screen shot of the workspace mode which lets users see their Crystal Reports in one window

Workspace Mode Simplifies the End User Interface

A convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports. Instead of having separate shortcuts to each available Crystal Report on a user's desktop, a single solution file can be created that includes each available report!

Simple. Clean. Efficient.