Logicity Workspace Mode


Logicity Workspace Mode is a convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports.  Instead of having a separate shortcut to each available Crystal Report on a user's desktop, a single solution file can be created that includes each available report.   When the “Workspace Mode” is toggled to ON in the solution file, Logicity Workspace will open the solution file when executed instead of Logicity Desktop.  This allows the user to run any of the Crystal Reports (or other files) individually, as needed.  This allows administrators to set-up a single, clean interface for users with pre-defined ways of viewing or executing the report.

Using Logicity Workspace

Step 1 – Edit Solution File with Logicity Solution Builder

Open the solution file in Logicity Solution Builder.  Click the “Workspace Mode” button in the top toolbar.  The button will highlight, indicating that it has been toggled to ON.

Logicity User Guide - Workspace Mode - Toggle on/off

Step 2 – Save

Save the solution by clicking the SAVE button.

Step 3 – Open the Solution File in Logicity Workspace

Next, double-click the solution file.  Whereas the solution would have opened and executed the solution in Logicity Desktop, the solution now opens in Logicity Workspace.

Logicity User Guide - Workspace Mode - Screenshot of Files in Workspace Mode

Step 4 – Execute an Action in the Workspace

To run one of the reports on the workspace, the user can simply double-click the action.

Options & Notes

  • Workspace allows users to display the actions in several different styles:  large icons, small icons, and list view.
  • The reports/files in the Workspace View are listed in the same order that they were built in using Logicity Solution Builder.

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