How do organizations typically use Logicity?

You can deploy Logicity in one of two ways. First, Logicity may be installed onto a system that needs to run pre-developed Crystal Reports but does not need to edit them. The user can run a Crystal Report without having to purchase a license from Business Objects/SAP.  Second, Logicity is installed onto a networked server and is used to execute and distribute pre-developed Crystal Reports to end users. In this case, reports are typically e-mailed to end users or are saved onto a local network file system.

Can Logicity be used to display a Crystal Report on a web page?

Unfortunately, no.  SAP's license does not permit their viewer to be used to display a Crystal Report on a web page.

What are the technical requirements to run Logicity?

Check out this updated list of operating systems and system requirements.

Is there a maximum number of reports that can be scheduled?


Does Logicity provide any tools for monitoring scheduled jobs as they are executing?

You can review the logs and status of a job inside of Windows Task Scheduler to determine its status and if it completed successfully!

Logicity Professional

Why would an organization choose to pay for Logicity Professional?

We developed the lite version of Logicity almost 14 years ago when Crystal Reports no longer shipped with a free viewer. We developed Logicity (formerly called SaberLogic RPT Tool) as a way to provide this same functionality to our clients. As the number of users grew, we wanted to be able to provide new features and to provide professional support. Logicity Professional is a featured enhanced version of Logicity and includes some advanced features like password protectionencryptionworkspace mode, report logging, and runtime variables. To better understand the differences, please see the features comparison matrix.

Can Logicity provide security based on Windows user authentication?

Logicity does not provide any security based on Windows user roles.  However, Logicity Professional does provide some security enhancements including password protection of reports, encryption of solution files with database credentials, encryption of Crystal Reports, and control over the tools available in the viewer.

Can Logicity Pro perform an audit of who has generated a report, when, where, who, etc.?

Logicity Professional does include a feature called logging; that will track the report name, date, time, username and computer name.  Other details such as parameters entered and filters used are not monitored and logged.

Can Logicity be installed onto a virtual machine where multiple end users can log onto a single system to use the software?

Yes! You would need to make sure the ODBC connections are set up for all users on the 32-bit ODBC manager and a license of Logicity Pro would need to be purchased for each named user that would be using Logicity.

Licenses and Upgrades

We would like to test the liteversion before moving to the Professional version. Will this cause any issues?

Nope. Logicity Lite and Logicity Professional are the same application. When you decide to purchase Logicity Professional, we will e-mail a code to you that you can enter into your installed version of Logicity to unlock the Professional features. There is no need to install another version.

What is the Logicity Pro license model?

Logicity Professional is licensed by the number of named users. 

For Remote Desktop or Citrix servers, a license of Logicity should be purchased for each named user that will be using Logicity.

How does the Logicity Professional activation process work?

When you purchase the license(s) to Logicity Professional, we will send you an activation code to enter into Logicity to unlock the Professional features.  This email may take up to 5 minutes to arrive after you've placed your order.  If you do not receive your license within an hour, please contact us and we will forward your license key to you.

Support & Services

What constitutes an installation support incident?

An installation support incident is a request for support with the installation of Logicity Professional.  Any request for support after the installation is considered to be a technical support incident.

If you purchased Logicity before January 1, 2011, you are required to purchase a technical support incident. Any purchases on or after January 1, 2011, will include one technical support incident per purchased license. If you are unsure if your issue is installation or technical related, please contact us.

What constitutes a technical support incident?

We define a technical support incident as a request for support for any issue with Logicity Professional that is not related to installation or the performance of a Crystal Report.

Each license purchased entitles you to one support incident.  You may purchase additional support incidents in our store.

What versions of Logicity Professional do you support?

Technical support for Logicity is only available for the most recent version.

Do you offer any training?

We have an online user guide and a growing number of training videos on our YouTube channel.  These are free and available for all users.  If you would like specific one-on-one training, this can be requested and quoted through our sales department.  Please click here to get started!

Can Logicity (SaberLogic) assist us with developing Crystal Reports?

While we don't currently offer Crystal Reports development services, we offer services around our mobile Crystal Reports and dashboard product Bezlio. Please visit that website and contact us with details of your project and our sales team can determine if it is a good fit.

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