Why Go Pro?


logicity6secondsEvery 6.7 seconds someone in the world runs a Crystal Report using the lite version of Logicity...which we think is pretty awesome.    To all of you out there, we would like to thank you for choosing (and using) Logicity.  


Have you ever wondered if the grass might be greener over here on the Pro side?


Support - Get Help Fast

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We try to monitor the user support forums, but there's no better feeling than being able to pick up the phone and call us. Your time is worth money. Get the problem solved and move on with your day.

Password Protection - Control Your Reports

For crying out loud...you don't let just anyone run your reports, do you? Logicity can require the user enter a password before running your reports. Bosses love this sort of thing.

Report Logging - Who, What and When

What if you needed to know right now who was running what reports and when?  Trust us, it would feel really good to have that answer at your fingertips.

Workspace Mode - Help Users Stay Organized

Put all of your users reports in one nice, neat list. Efficiency and organization...very zen.

Report Runtime Variables - Controlling the Magic

Add a little magic to your Crystal Reports automation. VBScripting and runtime variables. Like a boss.

Command-line Variable Replacement - Application Integration

Yep. Integrate Logicity with your application. Get your acceptance speech ready!

Encrypting Solution Files - Don't Give Out the Keys to the Kingdom

logicity home icon hide credentials

You hear that breathing on the other end of the line? Better encrypt your database login credentials in your Logicity solution files.

Viewer Controls - Control That Last Step

logicity home icon viewer controls

Friends don't let friends print or export data from Crystal Reports with sensitive data. Lock-down user controls!

Encrypting Crystal Reports - Control

logicity home icon encrypt

Let a little of your inner "control freak" out and keep that guy down the hall from "tinkering" with your Crystal Reports. Encrypt your Crystal Reports so they can only be run with Logicity.

Com'on, it is time to be a Logicity Professional!

Logicity Professional offers an amazing array of additional features for end users and administrators.  It's time to put the "party" back in Crystal Reports!

Let's get started together!

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