Logicity Professional - Features

Logicity Professional has all of the same features that the lite version has, including: viewing reports, refreshing data, saving and exporting reports, emailing reports, scheduling, database authentication, and the solution builder. However, it also includes an amazing array of additional features!

Password Protect Your Crystal Reports

Logicity Professional gives administrators the ability to require the end user enter a password before running a Crystal Report through the Solution Builder or Workspace Mode.

Multi-Database Authentication

Logicity Professional provides you with the capacity to save multiple database authentications per report. When setting up your Logicity solution file, on the "Database Info" screen, check the "Multi-Database Authentication" check box, and Logicity will scan the report for data sources and provide fields for the username and password on each data source.

Log Your User's Report Execution

Track all of your end user's activity when running reports. Administrators can log the date, time, filename, username and computer name to a centrallized log file.

Simple User Interface with Workspace Mode

Logicity Workspace Mode is a convenient way to organize and run Crystal Reports. Instead of having separate shortcuts to each available Crystal Report scattered across a user's desktop, a single solution file can be created that opens a single window that includes each available report.

Report Runtime Variables

Customize your reports by setting up variables inside of Solution Builder and will be evaluated at runtime. Variables can be placed into any text field in Solution Builder and are inserted by right-clicking the field, going to Insert Variables, and choosing the variable you'd like to insert.

Command-Line Variable Replacements for Integration

Developers can integrate Logicity Professional with their application by utilizing command-line variable replacements. This feature allows you to execute Crystal Reports with parameters based on data from another application!

Email Account Authentication with SSL

Logicity Professional provides another layer of security by authenticating against an email account with SSL when emailing out your reports!

Encrypt Solution Files to Hide Database Credentials

You can encrypt Logicity Professional solution files to hide the database login information from end users.

Encrypt Crystal Reports to Control Execution and Editing

This features allows you allows you to encrypt Crystal Reports so that they can only be viewed in Logicity and can no longer be edited within Crystal Reports. If you are a Crystal Reports developer and want to protect your intellectual property, or to prevent modification of reports, this feature is for you!