Understanding the Logicity Components

Logicity Desktop

Logicity desktop is the main application used to view Crystal Reports.  It contains some functional Logicity buttons, the SAP Crystal Reports viewer controls, and the main report canvas. 



Logicity Solution Builder

The Logicity Solution Builder component is used to create Logicity solution files.  These solution files are like recipes, in that you can specifically define how you want to schedule the delivery of reports to a user’s screen, to disk, a printer, or even by e-mail.  You can also pre-fill information (report parameters or database logins) when running a report so that the user is not prompted.  You can also chain together multiple reports into a single shortcut.  Solutions can then be scheduled using the Windows task scheduler.

The Professional version of Logicity provides additional functionality.  You have the ability to password protect Crystal Reports, the ability to encrypt a Logicity Solution file (to hide database login information), the ability to log report access, to create virtual workspaces for reports (see Logicity Workspace) and even the ability to add files other items than Crystal Reports, to your solution files.

Logicity User Guide - Components - Screenshot of Logicity Solution Builder


Logicity Product Registration

After purchasing Logicity Professional, users receive an e-mail with a registration code.  This product registration screen will be used to enter the license code which unlocks all of the Logicity Professional features.

Logicity User Guide - Components - Screenshot of Logicity Registration App


Logicity Workspace (Pro Feature)

Logicity Workspace is a component that provides a user with a simple, clean, organized workspace to view and execute any available Crystal Reports from a single screen.

Logicity User Guide - Components - Screenshot of Logicity Workspace Mode


Export Format Options (Pro Feature)

The “Export Format Options” in the start menu opens a text file with all of the export option parameters.  Logicity utilizes this to set options when executing reports with Solution Builder.

Logicity Report Encryptor (Pro Feature)

The Report Encryptor allows you to encrypt a Crystal Reports file so that it can only be run with Logicity and not opened or altered in Crystal Reports.

Logicity User Guide - Components - Screenshot of Logicity Crystal Reports Encryptor