Reseller Overview

The Logicity reseller program was established to allow organizations and individuals to profit from their recommendation and implementation of Logicity to their clients and customers.

Reseller Benefits

Logicity resellers receive 30% off the software sales price. You may then charge your customer whatever amount, up to the MSRP.  There are no fees associated with this referral program, eliminating any risk.

Getting Established as a Reseller

Step 1 - Contact us and let us know that you are interested in becoming a Logicity reseller.

Step 2 - We will contact you to discuss your immediate requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3 - Sign and return the reseller agreement.

Step 4 - You will receive a website reseller login and a Logicity Professional license for testing and sales work.


How Do I Order?

Resellers who are billing their end customer for the Logicity software can submit orders for their customer in the following way:

e-Store (credit card or PO)

  1. Login here with your reseller account credentials.
  2. Using the online catalog, add the desired software licenses to the cart.  Your discount will be applied to your order
  3. Upon checkout, check the box labeled "Do you need to license your purchase to another organization?"  This will display fields to allow you to submit the end user's company name, contact name, and other information.
  4. On the payment information page, select either credit card or purchase order.
  5. Review and submit the order.

Once the order is received, we will license the software to the end user but will e-mail the license codes and invoice to you, the reseller.

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