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Logicity for Infor VISUAL Manufacturing

What is Logicity for Infor VISUAL Manufacturing?

logicity logo for visualLogicity for VISUAL Manufacturing is a Crystal Reports viewer that allows users of Infor's VISUAL Manufacturing ERP to run custom Crystal Reports right from within the VISUAL ERP's interface. Logicity also automatically fills in Crystal Report parameters with data from the screen fields.

For example, if you have a Customer Order Acknowledgment report that has a parameter prompting the user for the customer order ID, Logicity for VISUAL Manufacturing can automatically fill in this parameter with the selected customer order.  With the Customer Order Entry screen open, the user can go to the Macro menu and click "Logicity".  This opens a Logicity Workspace with a list of available Crystal Reports for that specific VISUAL module. The user can simply double-click the report they wish to run. Logicity reads the VISUAL ERP screen variables and then sends them automatically to the Crystal Report.

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How do I add new reports to the Visual menu?

If you have developed your own Crystal Report, you have the ability to add it to the list of available Logicity reports.  The administrator will use Logicity Solution builder to edit the Logicity Solution file that is associated with the VISUAL Module.  They should follow the procedure for adding a new Solution line item, taking advantage of the VISUAL ERP parameters.  When the Logicity Solution file is saved the new report will be available.

Can I build my own reports?

Yes, Crystal Report developers can adapt their current and new reports to work with Logicity for VISUAL Manufacturing.

What do I get for a Logicity for Visual user license?

  • A Logicity for Visual Manufacturing license code that can be used to install Logicity on each end user's system
  • A set of Visual macros that need to be installed into the same directory that you have Visual Manufacturing installed.
  • A Logicity Solution file (RRD) for each Visual module.  These also need to be installed into the same directory that you have Visual Manufacturing installed.

Do I need to buy a Logicity for Visual user license for each Visual user license?

You need to purchase a Logicity for VISUAL license for each end user that will utilize Logicity.

Technical Requirements

VISUAL Manufacturing Requirements

Logicity for Visual Manufacturing will work with any version of Visual Manufacturing.  However, the initial sets of bundled reports will only work for sites using SQL Server. 

Crystal Reports Requirements

Logicity for Visual Manufacturing can execute the following versions of Crystal Reports:  v8.5, v9, v10, XI, 2008 and 2011.

End User Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP or later 
Processor: Pentium II or higher (Pentium III-class recommended) 
Memory: 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended) 
Hard Disk: 350 MB of free hard disk space (600 MB recommended)


Installing Logicity for Visual Manufacturing

The administrator will first install the Logicity server software.  This process installs the VISUAL ERP macros and the Logicity Solution files into the same directory as Visual Manufacturing.  The Crystal Reports by default will go into a new subfolder called "Crystal Reports" which will be created during installation.  

The administrator will also install a licensed copy of Logicity for VISUAL Manufacturing on each end user's system.

Publishing a Logicity Report

Administrators can easily publish new reports to end users through the Logicity for VISUAL Manufacturing interface.

Step 1 - To begin, open Logicity Solution Builder and edit the Logicity Solution file for the module of VISUAL ERP that you wish to add the report.  Next, add a new action to the Logicity solution file by clicking the "New Action" button and following the steps.

Step 2 - When you reach the "Parameters" screen, select the "specified" radio button.  Logicity will display a list of the parameters that exist on that Crystal Report.


Step 3 - Next, select the report parameter that you would like to use a VISUAL variable to satisfy and click the ADD button. 

Step 4 - When the "Parameter Edit" screen appears, right click inside of the first field.  This will display a list of variables that are available.  Select the VISUAL ERP menu to display a list of all of the available parameters. 

Step 5 - After selecting the desired VISUAL ERP variable, select the Add button.  

Step 6 - Then select the OK button.  Repeat the same process for any other report parameters that you wish to connect to variables in VISUAL.

Step 7 - Finish saving the Logicity solution, making sure to toggle the Workspace mode to ON.

End Users

When an end user needs to run a report, they will go to VISUAL's Macro menu and will select "Logicity".

This will open the Logicity Workspace which will display a list of all the available Crystal Reports for this specific VISUAL module.


The end user can double-click the report that they wish to run.  When the report executes,  Logicity will use data on the current VISUAL screen as a parameter when the Crystal Report is executed. 


VISUAL ERP Module Integration

Logicity for VISUAL Manufacturing is designed to work with the following Infor VISUAL Manufacturing ERP modules:

  • Documents Maintenance
  • Customer Order Entry
  • Estimating Window
  • Order Management Window
  • Return Materials Authorization
  • Shipping Entry
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Part Maintenance
  • Inter-Branch Transfer Entry
  • Inter-Branch Transfer Receipt Entry
  • Inter-Branch Transfer Shipping Entry
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Receiving
  • Purchase Requisition Entry
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Estimating Window
  • Labor Ticket Entry
  • Work Order Header
  • Material
  • Operation
  • Engineering Change Notice Entry
  • Shop Resource Maintenance
  • Inventory Transaction Entry
  • Material Planning Window
  • Purchase Management Window
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Consignment Receiving
  • Accounting Window
  • General Journal Entry
  • Invoice Entry (Receivables)
  • Cash Application
  • Invoice Entry (Payables)
  • Payment Entry
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Account Maintenance

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