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Burst Mode 20 May 2013 21:41 #1360

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Hi team,

Wondering if Burst Mode (iterative report outputs from the same template based on a parameter e.g. sales location) is on your radar.

I first discovered you guys via this article and they mentioned you had a "workaround" for this.

On that basis I have 3 questions (sorry) ...
  1. Does that workaround still exist (if it ever did)?
  2. Would you be willing to share that?
  3. would you be considering a fully fledged Burst Mode in your development roadmap?
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Burst Mode 27 Nov 2014 14:49 #1740

  • AWhewell2
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I will happily +1 this request. We run the same report template each month for circa 250 different clients, but with one parameter changed for each (the client code) and a different distribution list. Setting this up and remembering all of the other parameters and smtp details is something that would make it much easier for front line staff to use, rather than having to refer to IT staff.


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Burst Mode 19 Dec 2014 11:40 #1763

  • RonMoses
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Are these codes and distribution lists stored in any kind of database? Here's what I'm thinking, and mind you this is just a rough sketch of the idea...

1. Assuming the codes and distribution lists are in a SQL database table, create a stored procedure that outputs the text of an RRD containing all 250 action items. (Open an RRD in Notepad to see what that looks like.)

2. Create a batch file that exports the results of the stored procedure via bcp to create that RRD file.

3. Execute the batch file via a "Custom" action.

4. Execute the RRD file via another "Custom" action.

I'm assuming you can fire off one RRD from another, I haven't actually tried it. But I'm not aware of any reason off the top of my head that we can't. Anyway, that was just an idea I had last night.
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