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We have free version of Logicity Solution Builder and rrd generally works fine with our Crystal xi reports and Oracle database.

However I have a new report which allows parameters to be empty, then report runs on default logic. Works fine in Crystal.
Parameters are dynamic and consist of sql which selects null and different dates.
I am not able to use rrd - it tells 'parameter is not valid' if left empty.
I also tried to define parameters at the Logicity parameters screen as 'null' or different variations of quotation marks, to submit it empty. Then I am getting errors from the report formulas, it seems parameter passed as not empty but has some wrong value.

Checked manuals and forum - cannot find solution. Please advise.

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You could try changing the select for your parameter to Like instead of =, then you could use an asterisk when you input your parameters in Logicity to show all results. I'm not sure if it'll work for null though.

Or change your select to say:
(If {?Parameter} = "NULL" Then IsNull({table.column} Else {table.column} = {?Parameter})

Then you can type NULL when Logicity asks for the parameter.
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