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Installation issue 14 Nov 2012 14:32 #1223

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Just installed ver 1.7 on a windows Xp computer. The installation went thru fine (I thought) but when I tried to open a .rpt report that was created in Crystal Report version 10, the following error message came up "Could not load file or assembly"Crystal Decisions.Crystal Report.Engine. How do I fixed this?

Appareciate the help.

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Installation issue 15 Nov 2012 16:40 #1224

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It sounds like the Crystal Reports runtime did not get correctly installed. Do you know if you checked that box during the installation? If not or you are unsure I would recommend re-installing and make sure you check that box. The only circumstance where you should have that box unchecked is if you have a full copy of Crystal Reports 2011 installed on the same system you are installing Logicity on.
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