TOPIC: RRD execution problem conversion from string

RRD execution problem conversion from string 21 Mar 2014 18:02 #1541

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Hi I am a newb, just recently started using crystal reports and logicity software.
Been trying to have a viewer that is also able to use parameter settings and filter through data.
I have set a couple of parameters in my crystal report for testings, and they work in crystal report itself through select expert.

However, when I use the solution builder (1.7 version), and after adding the new action and a value, when I execute it
it keeps showing the same error for my every pre-set parameters "Conversion from String"'to type 'Date' is not valid".

I am not really understanding the problem because my parameters are set in either 'number' or 'string',
I tried to create a new parameter in report using only string type, for employee ID.
This time after popping up the same error, it actually loaded, and prompted me to enter a value, but after that
it still goes in error. Any one have any idea? maybe is it because I have included other parameters that is causing the field type problem?
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