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Special char ni .RRD File 30 May 2014 12:46 #1585

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(I hope that someone read this, last message here is sept. 2013! )

I make manually RRD Text file (generated with my soft).
When I make that part: <param[myparam]=a value> in the line, some chars are reserved.

I tried the followings chars:

--> doesn't work (and maybe some other cars are reserved?)

I tried to quote my value with " or ' -> not better.

Is it possible to specify special char, by example, \& mean &, \\ mean \, \: mean : and so one ?
Is it possible to specify special char like TAB or Carridge return to pass multilines ? (\#9, \#13...?)

I have another problem with chars, I'm french and although the letter é is good in RRD file,
in the Crystal report this letter is transformed (ansi, unicode conversion ?)

Thank you for your response

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