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Parameter Reading Issue 17 Dec 2019 17:28 #6847

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I have used Logicity for many years. Recently we had to upgrade to Windows 10 64 bit.
I have been unsuccessful (at all until today) to get Logicity to read the parameters in a report. I found today that if I uninstalled everything (Crystal 13, Runtimes, and Logicity) and only installed Logicity with its included runtime it would read the parameters in the reports. However, as soon as I install Crystal 13 it will not. Sometimes Logicity just does nothing when trying to read them, other times it crashes.
I have done the uninstall of all the 3 items many times. I have tried installing all versions of Logicity with and without its runtime (each time after full uninstalls of everything). I have tried installing downloading/installing the 22 runtime separately.

I have spent weeks on this (off and on)..and am at a total loss now what to try.
It seems that when both crystal and the latest Logicity are installed, this is preventing Logicity from accessing the correct runtime to read the report parameters. I need both installed.

Is there a registry key or settings file I can use to force it to use the correct runtime?
thank you
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Parameter Reading Issue 03 Jan 2020 19:58 #6876

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I'm sorry, the runtime it uses is pretty particular. The library has a version code that it's looking for, so conflicting versions of the runtime will cause it to not correctly. There are not settings to change this.
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