TOPIC: Don't Discard Saved Data When Viewing A RPT

Don't Discard Saved Data When Viewing A RPT 18 Dec 2013 18:02 #1495

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When version 1.7 of Logicity came out, we added a feature to discard the saved data with reports (prior to that you had to make sure to not save your reports with saved data if you expected them to output with fresh data). The feature can be activated or deactivated with the use of a solution file (the checkbox is called "Discard Saved Data"). However, if you are viewing a RPT file directly without the use of a solution file there was not a way prior to 1.7.0018 have Logicity not discard the saved data. In 1.7.0018 we added a new registry key to control this behavior (Pro version only). The registry key that can be edited (it will already exist) is located at:



The value is either "TRUE" or "FALSE". It will be "FALSE" by default meaning that saved data is discarded if you are viewing a RPT file directly. If you switch it to "TRUE" it will keep the saved data.

Note that the HKLM key is only ever used if you entirely deleted the HKCU\Software\SaberLogic\Wow6432Node\Logicity\ node. This makes all registry settings for Logicity global to the entire computer as opposed to per user. Just reply to this post if you have any troubles with this feature!
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