Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer & Scheduler - Ver 1.7.0019 Released

We are always excited when we are finally able to add often-requested features to Logicity.  Today we are announcing the release of Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer and Scheduler, v1.7.0019 with a bug fix and a new feature.  We're also announcing exciting news about the next major version of Logicity.

New Feature

Lets talk first about the new feature!  We added a quiet flag to the Logicity Desktop.exe that will allow reports to run without a user being logged in.  Newly scheduled reports will automatically have the flag added.  So now, the Logicity user interface will not be required to launch when running reports.

A Few Other Release Details

We also squashed a bug where  a user would receive the error "Conversion from string "" to type 'Boolean' is not valid. (emailCrystalReport)" if the formats.xml file was missing.  Finally, we added a minor update that changed the target .Net version to be 3.5 for everything throughout Logicity.

Logicity v1.8 Coming Soon

Looking ahead then, version 19 will likely be the last of the Logicity 1.7 sub-releases.  Version 1.8 will be be the next major release and will include a number of requested enhancements including multi-database support for Logicity Pro customers!  if you are interested in becoming a v1.8 beta tester, please contact us at http://www.logicitysuite.com/contact-us.html and let us know.

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Updated on 08/12/2016

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Eli J Remington

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