Introducing...Logicity Lite

We recently launched Logicity Lite, a new enhanced version of Logicity. Experience an amazing array of administrative tools and controls to effectively deploy Crystal Reports throughout your organization starting at just $10/year!

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Crystal Reports - Now on Any Device, From Anywhere!

Bezlio Logo 500x500Crystal Reports on the web or on a mobile device. It is one of those things that everyone wants and needs, yet deploying it is difficult, very expensive, or both.

Crystal Reports on a Mac. This one is even more of a unicorn. If there isn't a web delivery method available, then the typical solution is to install a Windows virtual machine on the Mac and you can run the reports from there.  In other words, more and more hoops to jump through, both for IT and for the end user.

Well, all of that was true yesterday.  But starting today, things are different.

Imagine the world where you don't need to install anything on the end user's system. Where it takes 15 minutes to deploy the entire system. Where it doesn't matter what the device is or what the operating system is. Where it doesn't matter if the user is inside or outside of your network. Where you centrally manage reports, and you can deploy a Crystal Report as quickly as it takes to copy a file. Where you have no web servers to maintain and no software to support.

Hello, new brave world. Let me introduce you to Bezlio for Crystal Reports!

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21 Logicity Features You Might Be Missing Out On

Have you upgraded to the newest version of Logicity?

During 2013 and 2014, we saw the maturation of Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and sheduler version 1.7 and the brand new release of version 1.8.  In case you haven't been following our blog updates, here is a synopsis of some of the 21 major features and changes that have appeared since it's initial release in 2012.

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