21 Logicity Features You Might Be Missing Out On

Have you upgraded to the newest version of Logicity?

During 2013 and 2014, we saw the maturation of Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and sheduler version 1.7 and the brand new release of version 1.8.  In case you haven't been following our blog updates, here is a synopsis of some of the 21 major features and changes that have appeared since it's initial release in 2012.

Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer and Scheduler version 1.8


  1. Multi-database authentication
  2. Built on Crystal Reports runtime 14
  3. Added buttons to control visibility of 'Open As PDF', 'Open As XLS', 'Send As E-mail', and 'Send As HTML E-mail'
  4. Added options to control whether reports with no records on the main report have their actions skipped
  5. Added SSL support to E-mail action
  6. Added CC and BCC support to E-mail action
  7. Added option to clear saved report data
  8. Fixed bug where SMTP information can get cleared when re-editing a RRD line in Logicity Solution Builder
  9. Added solution builder fields for 'Database Server' and 'Database Name'
  10. Added Excel XSLX support
  11. New feature to define icon layout for Logicity workspaces in Logicity Solution Builder
  12. View option now supports a "headless" mode with auto-refresh for use on kiosk-style applications
  13. Added VBScript support for custom variables in Logicity Solution Files
  14. Suppress If No Records checkbox is now enabled for the free version of Logicity
  15. Updated 'Before Install' info to accurately reflect current runtime requirements
  16. Updated installer so that 'Export Format Options' shortcut now opens in notepad
  17. Updated installer to include a link to the correct ODBC control panel regardless of CPU
  18. Updated scheduler to include the domain name by default
  19. Added logic to auto-create folders if they do not exist when using the save action
  20. Added automatic directory creation for log files if they do not already exist
  21. Option to not discard saved data when viewing RPT files directly

We have hundreds of thousands of users on version 1.6 and 1.7.  If you are one of them, what features are you missing out on?  There are more features being added and features being released every few months.  With so many new features coming soon, why not get current on the latest version and follow our blog for new releases and updates.

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