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I have created a Crystal Report that contains 3 subreports. Each one of the sub-reports accesses a different database server. The 3 sub-reports use the same user name and password to access the db server. When I set up the action to run the report with the 3 subreports, I get an error of "logon failed".   Is the error a result of Logicity handling multiple databases?  If so, how would I be able to approach this scenario with Logicity Pro and successfully run/ email this report?

UPDATE: 2014.10.07 - Multi-Database Authentication is now a supported feature of Logicity Professional v1.8.  See this page for details.

Unfortunately the Logicity Crystal Reports viewer does not currently have a way to provide credential for more than one database, but it is on our list to add to future updates. Currently, the only workaround is to use a database connection methodology that doesn't require authentication(i.e. File DNS, Active Directory Authentication, etc.)

In order to get around this, we will be rewriting Logicity to overcome limitations of the RRD schema. To complicate matters further, we have a lot of users that rely on the RRD format remaining unchanged so we are walking a fine line on adding a feature versus causing troubles for existing users.

The problem is that we need a mapping that defines the credentials for each connection. A report might have 5 different database connections on it and each may require different credentials, so we need a layout that is going to read in all of the connections and allow you to provide info for each. In our conversations internally how to keep existing users happy (who have invested in the RRD format remaining unchanged) while adding this new feature we are essentially going to try to support both formats but in order to do multi-database you'd be required to use the new format.

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