Crystal Reports Bursting with Logicity

Over the last couple of months, we've had several inquiries on how to use Logicity to do Crystal Reports bursting.  While it may not have been a task that Logicity was originally designed to perform, because we designed the Logicity Solution Builder and RRD file to be so flexible, we can actually do a Crystal Report burst in just a couple of steps.

To our valued Logicity community...

We have received a lot of feedback on our recent explanation of how to use Logicity to burst Crystal Reports. While bursting was not a feature that we specifically developed in the current version of Logicity, it was possible to do in a limited way with some clever usage of the Logicity Solution file structure. Unfortunately, we have received feedback that the explanation below has been insufficient in many cases. While we posted this as a tip of another way to utilize Logicity, we don't want to mislead current and potential customers that bursting is a developed, and supported feature of Logicity Professional. We have decided to leave this page up as a reference guide in case some people still find it valuable. However, we wanted our supportive community to know that it may not work in all situations.

If you are unfamiliar with Crystal Reports bursting or a PDF burst, it refers to the ability to execute a Crystal Report and have the resulting report broken apart into multiple, smaller reports which can then be emailed to different recipients.  

What makes Logicity better than some of the other options out there is that we aren't restricted to just bursting PDFs.  Reports can be set-up to burst and e-mail attachments as PDF (PDF bursting) or as Excel attachments, or HTML.  

In addition, you aren't restricted to emailing Crystal Reports.  Whatever capabilities you have to execute Crystal Reports within Logicity can be used to burst report.  So, in addition to e-mail, you could also save some to a file system and/or even print others, all within the same burst.

To learn more about this simple two-step process, take a look at these step-by-step instructions.

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Eli J Remington

Eli J Remington

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