Performing a Silent Installation of Logicity



We are deploying Logicity to a lot of PCs in our environment.  Is there a good way to include the license information with our SCCM install? We would love to find a way to install and configure Logicity with our license information, so the users don't need to have any interaction during the setup process.


Absolutely!  Follow these simple steps.

 To install Logicity Pro silently, the command is the path to the installer:

“C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\SaberLogic\Logicity\Installer\SaberLogic Logicity 1.8.xxxx.exe" /verysilent

This command will install Logicity in silent mode.

For the registry key:

[1] Register Logicity Professional on one workstation.  Next, go into regedit and export the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SaberLogic\Logicity (Or if 64 bit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432 Node\SaberLogic)

[2] Edit the TXT file and switch HKEY_CURRENT_USER to say HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

[3] Load this reg file silently using regedit /S THEFILENAME.REG

The other way you can accomplish this is to use the Logicity MSI installer in conjunction with Active Directory group policies to do the install.

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Eli J Remington

Eli J Remington

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