New website. Bright blues. Circles galore.

logicity brand relaunchYou might have noticed we put a new coat of paint on the Logicity website this past week! We've been busy updating the back-end of the site for some time, but we finally had the opportunity to update the look and feel of the front-end. Gone are the dark grays and deep blues, instead, replaced with bright white and vivid shades of blue and updated branding that plays off the circles in our logo.

Reorganized Content

The old website had a lot of useful information, but it was often split up into separate pages. Like a lot of them. The main menu was full and, honestly, kinda cluttered. It was time to spring clean and simplify.

So we started fresh and reorganized things into logical sections. We have a section for all of you free users and a section for the professional users. Each of those sections has a page dedicated to describing the available features, types of support methods and more.

We also condensed all of the extra information into a single "resources" area. Here you can find the user guide, compare versions, FAQ, technical guidelines and specs, services we provide, and downloads. There are a few more links in the footer for those interested in some of the specialty areas, such as the versions of Logicity for specific ERP systems, links for resellers, and those of you who like reading the version change logs and the user license. (You know who you are!)

Online User Guide

One of the biggest changes is the addition of an online user guide. We took the new v1.8 printed version of the user guide and built it in glorious HTML. There are currently nine sections available, each with an array of screenshots and step-by-step instructions to walk you through all of the everyday tasks.

We have also updated the design and layout of the user forum and the online store. Keeping it fresh, yo!

So...What's Up Next?

So, what is coming up? We are in the middle of turning the user guide into a series of video tutorials that should enhance the print and HTML versions. We will keep you updated as those start to roll out.

We are also working on some enhancements to the online store, to make it easier for you to download software.  Stay tuned on that.

Of course, what about updates for Logicity itself? Well, we are currently working on a brand new technology platform that will become the basis for a big, new version of Logicity. This platform will ultimately change the way you deploy and use Crystal Reports, especially when it comes to mobility. Mobility to the masses!

So, let us know what you think! If you can't find something on the website, give us a shout, and we will steer you in the right direction!

About the Author

Eli J Remington

Eli J Remington

Eli is the web marketing director and a partner at SaberLogic, a professional services firm that provides custom development, programming services, integration consulting and technical support for Infor ERP VISUAL and Epicor ERP. SaberLogic also specializes in Crystal Reports development, custom programming and custom web development. Follow Eli on Google+ and Linkedin.


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