Dealing with Multiple Database Connections - Crystal Reports Viewer

I have created a Crystal Report that contains 3 subreports. Each one of the sub-reports accesses a different database server. The 3 sub-reports use the same user name and password to access the db server. When I set up the action to run the report with the 3 subreports, I get an error of "logon failed".   Is the error a result of Logicity handling multiple databases?  If so, how would I be able to approach this scenario with Logicity Pro and successfully run/ email this report?

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Disable Logicity Workspace Mode for Your Scheduled Reports

We recently had issues with our Logicity install. It was previously sending out emails of crystal reports (as PDFs and Excel files) without a problem but then it just stopped. If i tell it to 'Execute RRD' from the solution builder it now pops up another window called the 'Logicity Workspace' and has my RRD reports listed there and if I double click on one it brings the Crystal Report up for me. I previously remember clicking 'Execute RRD' and I'm pretty sure it would run the email actions. Any idea on what the problem is or what I can do?

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