21 Logicity Features You Might Be Missing Out On

Have you upgraded to the newest version of Logicity?

During 2013 and 2014, we saw the maturation of Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and sheduler version 1.7 and the brand new release of version 1.8.  In case you haven't been following our blog updates, here is a synopsis of some of the 21 major features and changes that have appeared since it's initial release in 2012.

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Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer & Scheduler - Ver 1.7.0019 Released

We are always excited when we are finally able to add often-requested features to Logicity.  Today we are announcing the release of Logicity Crystal Reports Viewer and Scheduler, v1.7.0019 with a bug fix and a new feature.  We're also announcing exciting news about the next major version of Logicity.

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Displaying A Crystal Report With Thousands of Dynamic Parameter Values

logicity-crystal-reports-paramter-valuesIt is not uncommon to have a developer ask us how the Logicity Crystal Reports viewer and scheduler can handle a dynamic parameter list with a lot of options. Like a lot. Like how about well over 1,000? And the answer is, after a little tweaking of the registry, just fine thank you! If you have a report with a parameter with more options than you even want to count, read on to learn how to get this accomplished.

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